Hello Virginia!

Teddy McCormick Avatar

The day has come! If you’re reading this, we’ve left the state. (This post is scheduled to go live after our flight has taken off.) We land today in VA, where we’ll be for the next month and change.

The moving process got a bit hectic at the end, but isn’t that kind of the norm for moves? And honestly it was still one of the easiest moves we’ve ever done, since we’re leaving the house furnished and ready for guests.

The biggest hiccup in the planning was actually a wonderful thing: Cassie’s sister volunteered to foster our cats just two days ago! It meant we had to do some quick readjustments of luggage, but this was a major answer to prayer, so any inconveniences it caused were definitely categorized as “good problems.”

That’s all for now; I’m writing this in the midst of the moving process yesterday, so I’ve got to get back to work. If you’re in VA, give us a shout and we’ll try to find time to see you before we leave! Remember, we’re here for a bit over a month, so there’ll hopefully be time to see everybody!

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