Goodbye Season

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As we are now only 4 days away from our big moving date we are officially into the saddest and most stressful part of our journey. (Hopefully. I don’t want to imagine a more stressful or sadder time is to come!) Once we entered the single digits before the big move pretty much every time we saw someone was the last time we would see them.

Teddy McCormick Avatar

Teddy says…

We’re not going to miss Florida itself very much, but we’re going to miss so many more people than I would’ve thought! Have we really only been here two years? I feel like we have so much family and so many friends here!

We weren’t as diligent about taking pictures as we wanted to be, but we did manage some. Here are some snapshots of the people who have made Bradenton our home over the last 2 years.

Our last Tai Chi class. Sifu (the title for our Tai Chi teacher) even made sure Teddy got to test for his next belt before we left.
Our last Family Game Night at church. Dwayne was a good sport and learned a new game with us.
My aunt Sue happened to be in Florida and swung by to see me and my house.
Our last Sunday at church. They had a breakfast for us after service! Teddy got up and said some words of gratitude to the congregation and dragged me up with him.

Thank you again to everyone who has welcomed us and loved us while we were here. You will be missed. We love you all!

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