Cassie’s Take on “The Big Move” and “Why Have a Blog?”

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Hey, friends!

I have been a little bit embarrassed letting people know about this blog while there is so little on here. So, here I am contributing.

For anyone who hasn’t seen us in person in a while (I say since I will be sharing this to Facebook) you probably have noooo idea what has been going on in our lives. Sorry! Social media is bad for my mental health and staying in touch seems not to be my forte. Teddy is better, but only slightly. This is our attempt to be better! Though it is admittedly one-sided.

Here is too much back story: Teddy and I have been married 10 years now! Can you believe it??!?? One of the things we have shared a passion for throughout our relationship is traveling. When we say “traveling,” we don’t mean a weekend trip to Miami. We mean a month in Ecuador. But we haven’t done it in so long!

Before marriage we both did a little bit of international travel. Teddy did a 2 week trip to Germany at 18 and came back resolved to never travel for that short a time again. I did 3 months in New Zealand and 2 months in Indonesia on my YWAM mission trip and loved it. The only downsides were that I had a stomach ache my entire time in Indonesia, and I was confined to one part of New Zealand while I was there and I wish I had seen more.

A year after marriage as we were preparing to move across the country from VA to CA we took a 5 month detour through Central and South America. 3 months in Guatemala, 1 month in Colombia, and 1 month in Ecuador. The best adventure ever! The only downside of that trip was that we weren’t making lasting relationships with people because we knew our time was limited.

Onto our new and improved idea: Let’s just move internationally! This is a bit of a simplified take on our reasoning, and Teddy has a slightly different take in our FAQ, but I think you have the right idea of our intentions now. We want to really know what life is like in another country. We want to get to know people and live life with them. We want to know what it is like to be the minority and force ourselves into learning another language. We want to grow. We want adventure.

We are moving to Japan!

We still have so many things to figure out and do before we go, but we are excited to take this next step. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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