Welcome to my website! This place started as a blog where I wrote a logline every day, and I still somewhat keep up that habit, but the name isn't quite as literal these days. I also sometimes turn loglines into screenplays, which are all available to read, including some earlier drafts.

I ostensibly still write blog posts as well, but if I'm being honest, that'll probably only happen several times at once, every couple years.

Whatever brought you here, I hope you find what you're looking for; if not, feel free to contact me!

Latest Blog Post

Thinking about Writing Treatments Again


I went ahead and gathered all my old (short) treatments and posted them HERE. If I don't wind up writing new ones in the next month or so I may take them down, or more likely find a clean way to add them to the Other Writings page.


Quick history of this website. This started as a writing exercise of, believe it or not, writing a logline every day. It worked great! Whereas before the website I would sometimes struggle to come up with ideas for new screenplays, after a couple months I already had more ideas I wanted to write than I'd ever get around to, and was in good enough practice coming up with ideas that even if I lost everything I'd posted, I'd be able to come up with new ones no problem.

But I didn't stop there; I was also writing a short (~3 pages) treatment every week, and a longer (~10 pages) treatment every month. The idea being that I'd then pump out a full first draft every two months or so, and then polish that into a final draft over the next few months. So in theory, once I was up to speed, I'd be writing six screenplays, twelve long treatments, and fifty short treatments a year.

Obviously, that never quite happened.

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2021/06/05 19:11 · Teddy McCormick