Editing Treatments

So, I've written a couple treatments by now, and on the whole I like it. I can see how doing this over time is going to make coming up with stories faster and easier.


I think I'm missing something by just churning them out. My loglines are a little "just churned out," but that's fine for them because, despite the blog, I'm mostly writing them to get ideas down, not for presentation. Editing them and cleaning them up might be good practice for pitching or something, but it's not gonna help me write better screenplays.

For treatments, though, when I just churn one out and post it, I feel like I'm missing something. Yes, I'm getting practice coming up with stories, and this is going to help me be able to flesh out ideas easier and faster. But if I'm not revisiting them and editing them, is it going to help me flesh out ideas well?

I'm not 100% sure what to do about that. I don't want to be unstructured about it, because I know myself and that would just mean I stop doing it.1)

One option is alternating writing a treatment and editing a treatment (the previous one?) every week. I don't think it'd be too unreasonable a workload to write one and edit another each week, but if I'm trying to stop myself from just churning out shit then adding more to my plate might be counterproductive. Especially if I do start churning out first drafts on a monthly basis.

Just more to chew on for now, I guess.

Much like how I rarely post actual blog posts because I don't have a structure for them yet.